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1.)Name - Whitney
2.)Where you live - Westbloomfield Michigan
3.)Age - 16
4.)3 Movies You like - Edward Scissor Hands, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grind
5.)7 good bands you like - My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday (though their new cd is bad), Matchbook Romance, Senses Fail, Blink 182, The Early November and Death Cab for Cutie --okay theirs 8 bands.oops.
6.)Why should we accept you? mmm Im awesome.
7.)Say something funny - poop is boob flipped upside down. think about it.
8.)Word Match: The first word that comes to mind when we say...
Red: Love
Cut: Knife
Toaster: Fridge
Peanut Butter: Jelly
Goose: Ugly
Golf Ball: Dad
Printer: Computer
Sex: Pistols
Turf: Smurf
Envelope: Letter
Rock: and roll
9.)Favorite concert? Last concert? - Probably Blink 182 is my favorite -89x stold christmas was my last
10.)Name the band on the communitys background -The Varsity
11.)Out of the two mods, who is hotter? Dean or Judson? Props to both, I cant decide.
12.)Post atleast 3 pictures of yourself and one small one for the info page.
  me and my friend Lindsay (im on the left)
who knows what Im doing its the only pic I have
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